Sunday, October 21, 2007

look who's talking to....

Quite interesting: sometimes a leader talks at home to be heard abroad, sometimes talks or acts abroad to be heard at home...
Achmadinejad has always on his mind his problem of national consensus, and I suggest that his audience is always Iran youngsters, wherever he is, whatever he does... the opposite can be said about V. Putin, who forces the entire world to stop and listen what he states on Russian Tv, that is to say, "if you want to know what if... turn your head to Moskow..."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

This is the first post

Let me introduce myself and this blog.

I am a everlasting student (now enrolled in a PhD, but that's not the point...) about the Caucasus, and, in a wider sense, in the previous CCCP. I take advance of my linguistic abilities to try and understand more, to feel and to get in touch with the topics I have chosen to dedicate my time and my energies to.
Reading, studying, thinking, when not meditating, is never enough, and so, adviced by my beloved friend Miriam , I decided to become a blogger, to share with those who may be interested my reflections, and to be given new ideas, points of views, knowledge.
So I welcome you on my virtual sofa to have a nice talk, in any of the above mentioned languages, plus the one you would like to express yourself in. I always think there is a way to communicate, notwithstanding some practical obstacles...