Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 19 - 25 November: The BTK project and NK's dispute

What is going on in the South Caucasus? From now on I will try to keep my blog updated with news coming form Azeri, Georgian, Armenian and others’ media, to check who is talking (or omitting to talk) about what…

The week just ended has matched an important event, to which Turkish, Georgian and Azeri media gave a lot or relevance: the new contract signed in Georgia for the railway Istanbul-Tbilisi-Kars, a new brick in building, as Ilham Aliyev mentioned in his speech, an integrated economical area (the speech was entirely broadcasted by the Aztv news, 19:30 edition. The meeting between the three Presidents was held in a pretty friendly way, on an outdoor stage).
The great absent is of course Armenia. In the same day of the meeting, which is again cutting the country off a new important Caucasian project, its media were focusing on Presidential electoral approaching campaign, especially on the new electoral code and on the candidature of Levon Ter Petrosyan. Another topic quite discussed was the new philosophy for territorial disputes, coming from the example of Kosovo: self determination as a stronger parameter than territorial integrity. Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned it, talking about the role played by Armenia in the NK matter, and the sentence was not left unnoticed by Azeri media, which reported and contested his words (inter alia,, 21st November).

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