Saturday, January 19, 2008

To Hrant Dink

An extra Post, to commemorate someone who willy-nilly became a hero…

“We stayed in Turkey because that was what we wanted - and out of respect for the thousands of people here who supported me in my fight for democracy...”

On the anniversary of Hrant Dink’s death that’s the only thing I can offer to his memory ... the images of the thousands who claimed the pride to be Armenian, to be Hrant Dink, no matter who they are... to turn Turkey into the country he and they wanted to be citizens of.

(at the bottom of the page)...Some of the few pics I managed to take in the sad and moving day of his funeral and of the overwhelming procession ... together with the bitter words of Ilnur Cevik on the day before Hrant Dink’s Anniversary. (

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