Monday, June 3, 2013

Secularism and Social Cohesion: the case of Georgia

Georgia is a relatively small country with a mixed population: the overwhelming majority of Georgians
belong to the Georgian Orthodox Church which has an important role in the Nation building of the
country, but there are some significant religious minorities. Some of them are settled in territories
which border with countries where they represent the majority, and Georgia has already suffered
from breakaway wars in the recent past.
Since its independence from the Soviet Union, there were episodes of religious intolerance. Albeit the
modernization which the country underwent in the last decade embedded an enforcement of secularism, up to recent days some case were still registered of intolerance and of the manipulation of
the religious sentiments for political purpose.
A sound secular and democratic order and a tolerant environment are the best protection for each and
all citizens of Georgia, and a matter of urgency after the ignominious events of 17th of May,
when antigay protesters led by Orthodox clergyviolently prevented an anti-homophobia rally from taking place
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