Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 28th Nov.-4th Dec.: Looking for an exit strategy

The distressing mess of South Ossetian so called "Presidential elections" goes on.
Is it going to be a never ending story till 25 March 2012, when new elections are supposed to be held?
Or a violent twist will eventually kick Eduard Kokoiy out of the presidential chair before then?

Last week, after it was made public by the "Central Election Commission" that Alla Dzhioeva might have won with 58,86% votes, the Supreme Court, chaired by Kokoity's man Atzamaz Bichekov, decleared the vote not valid and fixed new elections for next year. Four more months of Kokoity, something that voters and Bibilov and Dzhioeva and the Kremlin aren't for sure happy about.

Dzhioeva laid her claim to the Supreme Court as well, and today Bichekov declared that her claim will be processed, in due time.
But meanwhile her supporters keep on protesting. And as she seems to have fallen sick, Anatoly Barankevich is playing a more important role in going on with official meetings and negotiations.

Moscow sent Sergey Vinokurov to untie the knot. Before his arrival, Dzioeva held a meeting in the Russian Embassy in Tskhinvali, and it was her first political meeting after she had proclaimed herself the new president.
From the pages of Kommersant' she pledged loyalty to Moscow, and stressed to be Russian, by passport and in her soul.
It all makes more clear that this allegedly "snow revolution" is not against Russia, but against Kokoity. And that the exit strategy passes through his departure and a new resolution of the Supreme Court, may be with a new chairperson.

Dzhoeva and Barankevich have been so far not radical but firm. They are not going to be persuaded to give up that easily, even if Alla would be allowed to run for presidency next March.

An even less easy exit strategy must be found for Karabakh, not to find a political agreement, that seems right now totally out of reach, but to halt the escalation of violence.
Religious leaders from Armenia and Azerbaijan took the field... Inshallah (& for God's sake!)!

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