Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 15-22 Jan.: Into the wild

They have planted the wind and will harvest the whirlwind.
Who are they? They are those who put the base for the South Ossetian mess to develop, from one twist to another.

In November the elections, probably won by Alla Djoeva.
As her victory was then not recognized, Tskhinvali entered a deadlock. New elections were called, and Alla was denied to run again.
The then president Kokoity picked up the chance to try to spin out his mandate for other three months.

So badly did he and his krysha ruled the country, that he had managed to mine his popularity and foreign support to the extent that to kick him off an agreement was reached.
A gentlemen agreement, between a gentle-lady and no-gentle- men, apparently.
According to such agreement, Alla was to run for renew elections in March, if/and only if, Kokoity left and his bravi - chief prosecutor and chairman of the supreme court- were removed, as well.
Alla'a supporters returned home. Squares empty, no snow revolution, back to election campaign.

And here manoeuvring started again: Kokoity's party, the majority in the Parliament, voted down the resignation of the two bravi, on the 14th of December.
One month of unofficial negotiations, power struggle, all and more. Eventually on the 17th of January the new twist: Alla doesn't recognize as legitimate the "re-run" elections, she reclaims her victory and urges the acting president to step down.

So, as she doesn't recognize the elections, she won't be allowed to present the documents for candidacy.
Back to the before-agreement positions, but with a variation: now Jambolat Tedeev, who was not allowed to run in November and who cast his support to Alla, announces that he plans to run.
And - frankly speaking - he's popular and powerful enough to have hopes, if...

...if the wild won't get wilder.
He's a man who creates problem.
If for South Ossetian krysha Alla was too much, how much is Jambolat?

Wasn't it easier, possibly, to deal with her and to accept election results, instead of twisting into the wild?

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